Our values 


Our values are what define us and shape our work. 

Independence and authenticity 
We are independent of any special interests and we work for better decision-making processes, not predetermined outcomes. We build authentic relationships through listening, respecting and understanding others. 

Agility and tenacity  
We welcome change and build our work around learning and adaptation. We are dedicated and determined to solving wicked problems. 

Collaboration and inclusivity 
We believe transformative change is built on connecting diverse perspectives. We create the collaborative conditions that support collective intelligence and diverse interests. 

Honesty and integrity  
We are candid, unbiased and informed by evidence. We acknowledge uncomfortable truths and uncertainties. 

Humility and learning  
We recognise that our knowledge is limited, and we rely on the wisdom of others. We are reflective and committed to continual learning, rebuilding our understanding and improving our approaches. 

Transparency and accountability 
We are open and accountable for our actions, and we communicate actively with our stakeholders.