Our strategic plan


Our strategy was developed and approved in July 2022. The strategy confirms our mission and vision, and describes the challenge that we seek to address, our goals and how we intend to work to meet our mission.

Evaluating our influence

Our evaluation framework (developed in December 2022) supports and enables delivery of our mission, and maintains accountability as we work towards our vision. The evaluation framework conforms with our strategy and will enable us to maintain our strategic focus, increase our capacity to learn and drive improvements in our work.

Annual reports

Our annual reports reflect on the previous year's work and progress, and look at what's ahead.

Initiative publications

Our initiative case studies show how we work with stakeholders to achieve our goals.

We also provide other publications from our initiatives to support the many groups working in the Australian water sector.

Foundational documents

In 2017 two of Australia’s leading philanthropic organisations – The Myer Foundation and The Ian Potter Foundation – funded a major study to better understand how Australia could improve the sustainable management of its inland waters and catchments. The study identified a role for an independent organisation that could act as an honest broker working with stakeholders to improve processes of decision-making for the policy and management of Australia's waters and catchments. This led to the establishment of Watertrust Australia Ltd as a charity in 2021 to improve how water and catchment policy decisions are made in Australia.

Learn more about the exploratory work that informed the establishment of Watertrust.