Engage with institutions that manage water and catchments


A substantial proportion of our work is relationship building and informal discussion. For Watertrust to be effective, the institutions that manage Australia’s waters and catchments must trust us as an organisation. We have undertaken and continue to undertake extensive engagement with organisations and individuals from across the water and catchment sector around Australia.

We aim to build relationships that increase the potential for institutions and policymakers to call on us for informal advice on a regular basis as well as more formal engagements to assist in resolving policy deadlocks or better integrating stakeholder deliberation and independent evidence synthesis across the policy cycle.

With strong and trusting relationships with institutions and major peak bodies, Watertrust will be able to engage effectively when policy development is in its early, sensitive stages where the influence of deliberation can be highly effective in achieving alignment across diverse interests.


We undertake engagement across the Australian water and catchment sector to build strong and trusting relationships.