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2023: a year of recognition and reward

21 December 2023

Watertrust Australia enjoyed a strong 2023 as we continued to build trusted relationships with a wide diversity of stakeholders across Australia, and achieved breakthroughs with our unique positioning and skillset.
Our first Annual Review showed how the value of our independent status and focus on inclusive processes is resonating with many. This has now evolved to Watertrust playing a vital role in initiatives across a range of policy issues and geographies, providing a solid foundation to overcoming barriers to water and catchment policy reform.

Using data to make better water decisions

03 May 2023
We tell stories with data to engage and inform water policy stakeholders to open out policy, challenge ‘magical thinking’ and increase the potential for conversation and dialogue on contentious water policy issues.

Equity, fairness and justice in water policy reform

14 April 2023
Australia's water policy reforms of the last 30 years have prioritised efficiency gains from microeconomic reform alongside limited return of water to the environment and Indigenous cultural use. These reforms have met resistance often underpinned by narratives that reforms have been unfair and unjust.

First Nations engagement in water policy reform

26 March 2023
Australia's existing water policy and management regimes do not always easily align with and integrate First Nations’ water rights, economic development aspirations or responsibilities to Country. In fact, when it comes to Australia's inland waters, First Nations people have fewer rights and less engagement in decision-making compared with their established land and sea rights.

Measuring impact in our evaluation framework

06 January 2023
The Watertrust model presents a unique challenge for evaluation because we seek to effect change in complex systems. Rather than trying to measure impact, our evaluation approach needs to test our relevance, effectiveness, and contributions while remaining humble and avoiding claims that cannot be substantiated.

Watertrust Australia moves into the refurbished Ian Potter House

07 October 2022
Watertrust Australia is thrilled to open up the office doors at our new premises at Ian Potter House, Canberra.